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  • Donald E. Hester

Protect Yourself from Internet Dangers

Protect yourself from Internet Dangers. Learn how to protect yourself at home and at work from the dangers of the Internet, including viruses and worms, identity theft, types of Internet fraud, protecting your privacy, and stopping spam.

10 Steps to Secure your PC

Facilitator: Donald E. Hester

Date: Wednesday, March 1, noon – 1:00pm

Ever lost data from a computer virus or worm? Confused by Phishing or Spyware? Security is a pressing issue for all computer users. In this seminar, learn what you can do to keep your computer safe. We will discuss how people use PCs, passwords, email, and data resources. Learn about the components of awareness, the danger signs, and how to prepare for the next wave of Internet attacks. Bring your personal experiences for discussion.


Lesson 1 SPAM

Lesson 2 Viruses and Worms (Malware)

Lesson 3 Spyware & Adware

Lesson 4 Identity theft

Lesson 5 Predators

Lesson 6 Shopping Online

Lesson 7 Online Fraud and Scams

Lesson 8 Student Issues

Lesson 9 Protecting Your Computer


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