Contributors (The Usual Suspects)

Donald E. Hester

Maze & Associates

California, US

LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

Robert de Roeck 

Indiana University

Indiana, US

LinkedIn | Email

Bryan Tuttle


Massachusetts, US | LinkedIn 

James Finely

Audhouse Computer Training

Auckland, NZ

LinkedIn | Twitter | Web Page | Email

Wayne McGlinn

Murrumba Consulting

Queensland, AU


Glenn Morris 

Talisman Technology Services

Queensland, AU


John Hohn

South Dakota, US

Rob (left), Don (above), Bryan (front), Mike (right)

Taken on road trip near Mammoth Lakes and Devils Postpile

Rob (left), Wayne (center), James (right)

Taken in Seattle near in Pike's Market

Glenn (top left), John (left bottom), Bryan (Left center),

Don (right center), Rob (right)

Taken at MCT Day Zero, Orlando, Microsoft Ignite Conference 

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