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Cyber Risk Update 23 JUN 2023

Here is some of the latest news on cyber risk.

Incident Response

Tabletop Exercises

Local Government Cyber Watch discord server. This server is focused on cybersecurity collaboration with local government stakeholders. (TLP Clear Only) Invite:



Cyber Insurance

  • Cyber Insurance: A Growth Market for Insurers With Some Caveats. As demand for cyber insurance continues to grow, insurers must remain vigilant in managing the changing risk associated with the line of coverage. According to DBRS Morningstar, while cyber insurance is a market opportunity for insurers, it also presents a different type of risk to manage, one that can be more difficult to value and price than most other insurance risks.

  • Cyber Insurance Premiums Surge by 50% as Ransomware Attacks Increase. US cyber insurance premiums surged 50% in 2022 as increased ransomware attacks and online commerce drove demand for coverage. Premiums collected from policies written by insurers reached $7.2 billion in 2022 and tripled in the past three years, ratings firm AM Best said in a study released this week.

Cybersecurity Budget

Third-Party Risk


Cyber Criminals

Nation States



Bonus Fun From Adam Shostack

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