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Cyber Risk Update 19 MAY 2023


Collaboration Resource

Data Breach

  • Dallas courts are still closed two weeks post-ransomware attack. Continued outages also prevent police from accessing data, which is severely impacting efforts to reduce crime as summer approaches, Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

  • Dallas Officials Say Ransomware Recovery Could Take Months

  • Washington, D.C. transit system accessed this year by a computer in Russia, report finds. A former tech contractor of the Metro accessed a cloud system in January, one of several security gaps that leave the transportation system open to cyberattacks, according to the Office of Inspector General.

  • Published Data Shows Breadth of Lowell, Mass., Hack. The data, released by the ransomware group Play, seems to include personal and personnel data such as medical billing records and employee disciplinary cases. The data was posted on the dark web May 11. The city provided its first status update since May 5 on its website, noting that "At this time, and for a number of reasons, the claim that data has been exfiltrated is being monitored by a variety of agencies, and waiting to be further assessed. Incidentally, it is important to point out that in the event any data was in fact exfiltrated, anyone accessing it for any reason would be subject to criminal prosecution. The City continues to monitor and ensure compliance with all obligatory reporting related to this event."

Third-Party and Supply Chain Risk

Critical Infrastructure



Insider Threats

AI Threats

Cyber Risk

  • Digital trust can make or break an organization. (This also applies to taxpayer trust.) Digital trust should be integrated throughout an organization at all times, not just after a security breach, says Mark Thomas, president of Escoute Consulting, adding: "If you want to ensure your customers trust you, you need to look at it as an organizational goal, or have it as a part of the strategy." Some obstacles to attaining trust include budget issues, lack of training and lack of prioritization

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