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Cyber Risk Update 1 SEP 2023


Nation States


Financial Impact

Reports (Trends)

GRC Enterprise Risk Management

  • WSJ (8-28-23): "Bonuses canceled: The board of directors of Australian health insurer Medibank Private canceled short-term bonuses for top executives after a major cyberattack. Chief Executive David Koczkar, Chief Financial Officer Mark Rogers and two other senior leaders must forgo a combined $3.6 million for fiscal 2023."



Cyber Criminals

Water Waste Water

  • The U.S. needs a water department, federal risk advisers say. The National Infrastructure Advisory Council, a public- and private-sector group that advises the Biden administration, recommended forming a cabinet-level water department to oversee cybersecurity, contamination and other risks to the sector under a national water strategy. At least 10 federal bodies and dozens of state and local authorities oversee the more than 150,000 facilities in the U.S. “This fragmentation of responsibility at the federal level makes it difficult to ascertain the country’s water needs and strategically prepare the nation for a water-secure future,” the council said.

Malware & TTP

Cyber Insurance




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Sep 01, 2023

as an aside to the first AI article posted - "how your company might be using AI". OpenAI has introduced an Enterprise version that promises to protect organization data. There is a waiting list currently; but I know in our organization, the barn door is open - with users reaching out to IT wondering if we do have licenses we can deploy, as many want the ChatGPT Plus

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