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Student Notes November 2017


Since we'd been talking about AI recently in the beginning of class before we get down to the lesson of the day, thought you'd might find this interesting.

Happy Thanksgivings,

Jeffrey Graham



Something to show your CNT 51 class about help desk.

Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles



Mr. Hester,

Ransomware spreading through RDP

Christian Guzman


Hi Don,

I just received my call from the “IRS” this morning about a lawsuit being filed against me. I only wished that I had taken this call live instead of receiving their voicemail message.

Michael Raymond



Alameda County Library Breach

"How Many Library Card Holders Are There?

There are approximately 400,000 library card holders. At this time, the Library is continuing to investigate exactly how many library card holders are affected."

Nothing is sacred or off limits. smh.

Chris Knight


If I share to much let me know

Chris Knight


Mr. Hester

Severe flaws found in WPA2

As a security guy, I'm sure you've already seen this. Gotta see what CERT says tomorrow.

Eric G.


Hi Donald,

Seems like now a days everybody is hiding if they got exposed...

"Two attackers accessed a private GitHub coding site used by Uber software engineers and then used login credentials they obtained there to access data stored on an Amazon Web Services account that handled computing tasks for the company. From there, the hackers discovered an archive of rider and driver information. Later, they emailed Uber asking for money, according to the company."

Pretty speechless to say the least

Vic Reynov


Sophia AI granted citizenship

Christian Guzman


NTFS limit GPO

GPO that enable to surpass 260 character limit for NTFS file path

Christian Guzman


Retailer forever 21 is investigating whether their CC processing system was hacked into between last year and this year.

Article is from techCrunch.

Ben Kellogg


Robocall article

The new rules specifically target robocalls that spoof caller ID information, such as those that display numbers that are either not actually in use or numbers that don't make outgoing calls. Voice service providers are now expressly authorized to block robocalls that use those spoofing strategies as well as those that appear to be from area codes that don't exist or from numbers that haven't been assigned to a provider.

Ben Kellogg

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