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Azure Active Directory

If you plan to do Office 365 administration you will want to know the different options for authentication and the difference between syncing the Directory and Azure Active Directory. Also if you administer Active Directory you will want to know the various benefits and options for Cloud based AD.

Azure Active Directory Connect is 'basically' the same as your on-prem AD with federated services. Currently, Azure AD does 1.5 Billion authentications per day.

Connect your on-premises directories to Azure AD and use one identity for all your apps

"Azure Active Directory Connect is the simplest way to integrate AD and other on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory. Combining the capabilities of sync, SSO and health monitoring makes Azure AD Connect one powerful tool. Azure AD Connect allows an organization to quickly, in a few simple steps, integrate their directories with Express Settings. It also supports more complex, customized scenarios. In this session we'll explore existing and new capabilities in Azure AD Connect and talk about some advanced scenarios that really provide value to the Hybrid enterprise"

How to get Office 365 to the next level with Azure Active Directory Premium | BRK2442

Deep-dive: Azure Active Directory Authentication and Single-Sign-On - BRK3015

"Azure AD Connect is used to synchronise on-premises users to Azure AD, but how do you give your users the best possible sign-in experience? There is a whole range of possibilities, password synchronisation, federated SSO with ADFS, pass-through authentication, and Azure AD Connect single sign-on. We can then add Windows 10 into the mix with Azure AD join and Windows Hello. Struggling to know what to do? Come to this session, and John Craddock will show you the advantages and benefits of each option. You will learn about each of the technologies and how to keep the systems up and running with Azure AD Connect Health. The session is full of demos and should not be missed."

Throw away your DMZ – Azure Active Directory Application Proxy deep-dive

"Now you can use the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Application Proxy to publish HTTP/HTTPS on premise applications replacing the need for an on premise DMZ and proxy. Come to this deep-dive session and discover the details of the Microsoft Azure Active Directory App Proxy and different options that are available for Single Sign On to applications that use claims or Windows authentication."

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