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Ransomware, Don't Pay?

Ransomware is on the rise and as long as we pay to get our data back it is a profitable enterprise for cyber criminals. The only solution is to not become a victim. Learn what Microsoft is doing to combat the problem.

Ransomware: Don't pay the ransom


"In the last two years Ransomware campaigns have become front page news. Impacts from high profile outbreaks like WannaCrypt and Petya continue to cause untold damage in Fortune 500 companies and home users alike. Come spend some time learning about Microsoft’s approach to dealing with Ransomware. In this session we will walk through Microsoft’s comprehensive Ransomware protection stack, explore case studies of recent outbreaks, demo some of the protections built into Windows 10 that stop Ransomware, and understand how you can protect your machines from future outbreaks."

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