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High Sierra (10.13) New Features & Security Flaws

Security Issues

ISMG, "Beware: Apple's Password Manager Has a Zero-Day Flaw, Attackers Can Steal Clear-Text Credentials From the Keychain, Researcher Warns" by Jeremy Kirk, 29 SEP 2017:

New Features

Listen to him talk about some of the flaws and how he claims this is normal. Maybe in the 90's but today vendors should not be releasing half-backed software.

From YouTube

MacOS High Sierra (10.13) is pretty lightweight in features. The biggest changes take place under the hood of your Mac and at this time it is only suggested that users with a solid state drive (SSD) even consider upgrading at this time. THAT being said, I strongly recommend NOT upgrading until this OS is out for at least a month. Anytime you are upgrading your Mac, you have to consider the risk/benefit factor. There simply aren't many improvements here, folks. Think it over carefully. Note: There are a few changes in High Sierra that I felt were frankly so dull that I didn't even feel it necessary to mention. Many of these types of changes could have just as easily been rolled out as a software update. If you have any bugs you'd like to report to fellow users, we invite you to leave a comment below. Reported Bugs (that we know about): * Some users have reported issues with Microsoft Office 2011. I have two Macs, one is a laptop which still has a copy of Word 2011. I tested it and it seemed to work fine (granted, I didn't use it for long). * VMWare Fusion is supposedly not ready for users to make the upgrade. * Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud CS4 * Some older versions of FileMaker On the web On the Facebook

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