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Cyber Security News (5 OCT 17)

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Cybersecurity and The Law

China has is implementing a new Law that requires companies to store all data within China and submit to and pass security assessments.

Reuters, "U.S. Asks China Not to Enforce Cyber Security Law" 26 SEP 2017:

Cybersecurity Career

If you are in Information Technology or Systems part of your job is cybersecurity. I have been making this point for years.

The Wall Street Journal "All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now. The rise of cyberthreats means that the people once assigned to setting up computers and email servers must now treat security as top priority." By Christopher Mims, 21 MAY 2017:

IoT Security

I have been saying for some time now that IoT is an increasingly larger risk. Recent security incidents have used vulnerabilities in IoT. Bitdefender Box is one solution.

R&D Magazine, "The Growing Cybersecurity Risk of 'Smart' Homes," by Kenny Walter, 19 SEP 2017:


Physical & Cyber Security

Physical security is a vital part of cybersecurity. It is often overlooked by cyber security professionals because the Guns, Guard, & Dogs, are handled by another group. The Physical Security folks often don't know the risk to the Information Technology.

Healthcare IT News "Myth Busted: Physical Security Is Not Separate From Cybersecurity," By Jessica Davis, 17 SEP 2017:

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