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New GPS OverDryve

Recently I bout a new JK Jeep Wrangler and had a hard time finding all the right options. I finally found one with everything except the navigation. I figured it was close enough and I could always get an external GPS unit which would be nice because I could use it with my older TJ Jeep Wrangler. I had been looking for a while when I came across Rand McNally OverDryve.

Basically, the GPS is an Android tablet. You can add on rear camera or tire pressure sensors. This is great for older cars. It also has phone and text controls that many of the new cars come equipped with. I have the tablet and rear camera set.

Here is a video from Rand McNally

The rear camera is designed to be on a license plate but with Jeeps the license plate is on the left not center of the rear of the vehicle. Luckily the bracket fits snug on the top of the rear lifting window. The wireless unit I put on the wiper unit cover inside the glass. I bought some with white plastic wire organizer tubing. Lucky I found white as it goes nicely with the interior. The normal black tubing would have stood out too much. See pictures below.

I chose to power the backup camera from the power outlet in the center console. This meant I needed to run a patch wire under the back seat. I accidentally blew the fuse and had to order a new one. A 13 amp 250 v fuse was easy to find on Amazon but no local store had 13 amps. This delayed my assembly for a week.

So far, the only issue is I can’t get the voice to text function to work. I think I have to do something on my phone to get it to work. I really haven’t had time to play with that part. The phone part works fine. Some people say I am hard to hear others say it am just fine.

This utilizes standard wireless for the rear camera and Bluetooth for connection to the phone. You can also use your phone as a hot spot for additional functions on the tablet. OverDryve has it's own app store and you can add three other app stores including Amazon app store.

Unit on Dash

Rear Camera

Wire install

Wire management

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