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Cyber attacks are on the rise, affecting companies, government agencies and millions of people. Headlines are filled with stories about companies being hacked for customer information, government agencies secured information being leaked and identify theft. People are losing trust that data cannot be secured. Even though companies and government may spend millions of dollars on security hardware and software, this is not enough to prevent these losses.

There are many factors that are involved to ensure procedures are in place to secure information from inside and outside security breaches. One important element is to establish a top-down security conscious framework to be in place to ensure all employees apply and abide to security best practices; people are an important part of the entity’s firewall. It should be part of all company and government agencies structure to have a security plan and/or organization that is fully supported by senior management and becomes part of how employees conduct business.

Successful security frameworks need to include security industry best practices, company specific policies, training classes or materials for employees, and security awareness programs. All employees need to be thoroughly trained and made aware of the company’s security policies, how to utilize tools, how to recognize possible security issues, how to report or request information regarding security, problems and be held accountable to follow all security rules. Entities need to develop security programs to help their employees be successful in implementing security practices and provide support at all levels to achieve security objectives. Employees that are fully trained and aware of their company’s security goals and practices will be more successful in securing their information.


National Cyber Security Alliance; Businesses of All Sizes Urged to Create Culture of Cybersecurity and Protect Assets This National Cyber Security Awareness Month, October 12, 2016; Washington, D.C.

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