Protect and Manage Your Digital Transformation (MS Ignite)

Protect and Manage Your Digital Transformation

Brad Anderson VP, Enterprise Mobility Microsoft

Session recorded at Microsoft Ignite Conference 2016


“Security in a cloud-first, mobile-first world calls for a new approach. Data is accessed, used, and shared on-prem and in the cloud – erasing the traditional security boundaries. You need technology that protects you against evolving threats. Microsoft technology secures your digital transformation with a comprehensive platform, unique intelligence, and partnerships. We will cover how your organization can achieve the balance of security and end-user empowerment, with effective security controls across identity, device, data & apps, and infrastructure. Show how we can protect your organizations data against unauthorized access, detect attacks and breaches, and help you respond and adapt to prevent it from happening again.”

#Cybersecurity #Microsoft #Cloud #Mobile #CNT57 #CNT55 #CNT56

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