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How do you cultivate your career?

Business woman

No matter if you are just getting into a career in IT or have been in for 30 years one of the things you need to do is what I like to call cultivate your career. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines cultivate as “2.try to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill).” When you think of cultivate in farming you think of care, feeding, pruning tending to plants etc… How do you care for, grow, or prune your career?

I really want us to help each other out with career advice. Tell us what thing are you doing to cultivate your career? What certifications if any are you perusing? What field of IT are you in or looking to get into? Where do you go for career advice? What are some things you can do to further cultivate your career?

Also I have a video you can check out if you want

If you know of other resources post them in the comments below.

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