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NDG Netlab+

NETLAB+ is a remote lab appliance, a Netlab server, for IT training developed by Network Development Group, Inc. You will be able to log in, create and edit configuration files, and program one or more lab devices. Because NETLAB+ equipment can be accessed from any computer and browser connected to the Internet, you can perform configuration tasks from virtually anywhere. All lab access is by reservation, using the The NETLAB+ Scheduler.

Use your student ID and your instructor issued password:

NETLAB+® provides remote access to lab equipment and curriculum. To access, you need a user ID and password, assigned by your instructor or local system administrator.

Personal firewall software can interfere with this application. If you experience login or port test failures, please disable your firewall software to determine if this is causing the problem.

Browser security settings can interfere with required features. It is recommended that you add the IP address (or host name) of this site to your brower's trusted site list. This application uses Java™, JavaScript, Cookies, Popup Windows, and IFRAMES. Please adjust your browser settings accordingly.

Image of how it works

Image of topology with labeled VMs

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