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Readings, Assignments, and Classroom Participation


The average reading assignment per week is approximately 50-70 pages. This includes not only an average of 30-40 pages of textbook reading, but also additional reading assignments from websites. Effective time management is critical to successful course completion. You must develop a reading plan and the discipline to carry out the plan effectively.

Participation & Communication

Many of your assignments require interaction with both your fellow classmates and myself. Two-way communication is essential to the successful completion of the course. Classroom discussions, online discussions, emails, chats, message boards, and office hours are all ways to interact and learn. Students are required to participate in class discussions.

Live Classrooms Courses

For live classes, the majority of your interaction will be during the lecture time and possibly the lab time. Some labs can be done online and you do not need to do the lab work during the schedule lab time. The lab work is graded and must be completed by the assigned due dates.

Online Courses

For online classes, the majority of your work and interaction won’t require that you be online simultaneously with your classmates or myself. You may, however, schedule an online meeting in a chat room with your fellow students or myself if you so desire. Particular courses may entail a scheduled weekly chat session. Your primary tool for interaction (two-way communication) is to e-mail. Other valid means of contact are Newsgroups, Project Files, Chat Rooms, Skype, or Instant Chats. You may also arrange to contact me via the telephone during my office hours.

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