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Know Your Learning Style

Many times students struggled in school because a teachers teaching style may be in conflicted with the students learning style. Students who do not understand learning styles and as a result did not know why they were doing poorly in a particular class. As an instructor my responsibility is to try and teach with as many styles as possible. However, you are responsible for your education and you should know the learning style that suits you best. By knowing your learning style you can better prepare and learn in any class.

For hands-on learners taking an online class they may have to take more initiative in the class. Online learning may not be the best for some hands-on learners as it generally requires more work for them to grasp some concepts.


Katherine Hansen, PhD has a great article on the subject titled "Empowering Academic, College, and Career Success."

Educational Planner has a quiz to help you determine your learning style. Click Here also has a quiz. Click Here

USA Today has an article on “5 Tips to Succeed in an Online Course

A bit technical about Learning Theories

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