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Cyber Risk Update 29 SEP 2023

Local Government Trends

  • Sunnyside Sun: Cyberattacks on local governments are on the rise, highlighting a need for enhanced security (09/26) Computer servers run by the city of Dallas were found to be infected with malware on May 3, 2023, spurring staff to begin shutting off computers to prevent its spread. The effects of the attack were sprawling, including hits to police and public courts, hampering residents' ability to report non-emergencies to the city's 311 service, leaving people unable to pay water bills online, and taking the city's public library system offline... The federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, also known as CISA, released a strategic plan in August 2023 declaring "too many American organizations are soft targets" and calling for state and local governments as well as tribal and territorial governments to harden their IT systems.

Feds Shut Down


Nation States

  • China APT Cracks Cisco Firmware in Attacks Against the US and Japan. Sophisticated hackers are rewriting router firmware in real time and hiding their footprints, leaving defenders with hardly a fighting chance.

  • China-linked hackers are lurking in firmware within network routers and storage devices, cybersecurity officials in the U.S. and Japan warned on Wednesday. Companies should review subsidiary connections and patch routers in an effort to shut out the group, known as BlackTech, according to the alert. "BlackTech has demonstrated capabilities in modifying router firmware without detection and exploiting routers’ domain-trust relationships to pivot from international subsidiaries to headquarters in Japan and the United States, which are the primary targets," the alert said.

  • Equipment from Cisco, Citrix, D-Link, Fortinet, Netgear and several other tech providers has been exploited. Read the alert for signs of compromise and potential remedies. (WSJ)

  • U.S. security and military experts are ready to support Taiwan in case of a Chinese cyberattack. The U.S. has been conducting cybersecurity exercises with Taiwan and would treat the island as any other ally, Anne Neuberger, deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies, said Wednesday at a Politico event. That would include sending cybersecurity teams to hunt hackers, stop attacks and strengthen networks, Neuberger said. (Politico)

Cybersecurity basics are still not a focus

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Tools and Resources

Critical Infrastructure



Threat Actors




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