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Cyber Risk Update 27 OCT 2023

Local Discord Name Change

We are searching for a new server name! Our aim is to foster broader participation. The team supporting this server handles all aspects of critical infrastructure. While the majority pertains to SLTT (State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial), we're actively seeking collaboration opportunities across various other critical infrastructure sectors. So, we're reaching out to you for suggestions on a fresh server name. We thought something with CIRK in the name could be a fitting choice. 'CIKR' (Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources). Join the discord server and vote or suggest t new name. You will find the poll under the general channel (last day to vote 27 OCT 2023). (TLP Clear Only) Invite:


Cyber Incidents


TTP & Malware

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Third-Party (Supply Chain)





Incident Response

Cyber Criminals

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