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Cyber Risk Update 25 AUG 2023

This is a selection of this week's events. For more news and advisories check out our discord server.

Local Government Cyber Watch discord server. This server is focused on cybersecurity collaboration with local government stakeholders. (TLP Clear Only) Invite:

Cyber Incidents & Data Breaches

  • Tesla Data Breach Caused by “Insider Wrongdoing”. Tesla said two former employees misappropriated confidential company information and shared it with the German newspaper Handelsblatt. The data includes current and former employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for 75,735 people, according to Tesla's disclosure to the Maine attorney general. Tesla said it filed lawsuits against the two former employees, seized their devices, and obtained court orders preventing them from accessing or disseminating the data.

TTP & Malware

AI & Career


  • Let NIST and ISO guide the way to IT compliance. Adhering to frameworks for IT compliance approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and ISO 27001 helps organizations maintain their reputations and enhance trust, writes Assad Abbas of COMSATS University Islamabad. "Organizations that do more than check off tasks must be smart about their choices," Abbas notes before covering decisions that must be made.

Banned Software

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