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Cyber Risk Update 14 JUL 2023

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Cyber Crime

TTP & Malware

Incident Response

  • 7-hour recovery: How an American business beat ransomware. A family-owned Ohio business was hit by ransomware during a holiday weekend and was able to get back up and running within a few hours. Here's how they did it. "We have nothing on-premise," Balzer says. "Because we're 100% in the cloud, and because we utilize Microsoft Azure Cloud environment, we were able to prevent them from moving laterally across the platforms in our systems."

  • How lawyers thinking like lawyers causes IT problems. Mixing lawyers and responses to cyberincidents can lead to unappealing results, argues columnist Evan Schuman, citing a study from major universities in the US and Europe. "If we get around to asking the bigger questions, then yes, protecting a company's data, systems, and other assets does outweigh the concerns from any single lawsuit," Schuman writes.


Nation States



Third Party, Supply Chain

Legislation Watch



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