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  • Donald E. Hester

Radical New Approaches to Security Analytics

This video is a recording of a keynote talk by Martin Fink the Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. He describes the current state of threats in the world and current events. The statistic he gives is not good. His point is that we need to turn the tide. Otherwise, we will lose. He also goes into the new level of SIEM (security information and event management) service.

Oh and about halfway through the talk, he is going to show Bayes rule. Would you like to do the math? ;-)

  • After listening to Fink, do you think we can turn the tide?

  • What do you think we need to do to turn the tide?

  • Will the proposed new computer architecture “the Machine” or memory driven computing, be a game changer?

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