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Innovation Crisis

Kid in art class

Creativity and innovation are needed skills in today’s market place. If you can be creative and innovative it gives your career and decided advantage. One of the reasons is there is an innovation crisis here in the United States. This crisis puts US companies at a disadvantage over more innovative countries. In turn this has an impact on the US market. Here are some articles on the topic.

So what can you do if you are not very creative or innovative? These are important skills in the job market and can be the difference between a shining career and a flat career.

Brene Brown in her book “The Power of Vulnerability” Brene talks about studies that show that 85% of the people who have difficulty with creativity and innovation can point to some “art scar” that killed their creativity. An “art scar” being a negative criticism of their creativity, such as art in school, either from others or from themselves.

Her cure is to let your inner creativity out and not to worry about what others think. She suggests trying a number of different types of art from pottery to photography, music to basket weaving. The idea is to try and build those skills that may have been killed in your youth.

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