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Ordering TestOut LabSims

These instructions are for courses that use the TestOut LabSim product for course materials. You must be enrolled at Las Positas College in the appropriate class.

Important information about ordering TestOut LabSim

If you order it directly from the regular price is $400. In order to get the academic price of $89 - $120 (prices different for different courses) you must do the following. (There are a couple key points required to setting up access to the TestOut LabSim):

  1. Please go to and enter (14-380TA) in the “Enter Promotion Code” box on the home page in the bottom right hand corner.

  2. Your school name must match EXACTLY the way we have it in their system, which is “Las Positas College

  3. The Instructors name must be included, (Donald Hester) though it does not matter how you type my name. During the checkout process a default is set to grant immediate online access.

  4. After the purchase is made an email with download instructions which will be provided as soon as your order has been finalized.


Here is the link for a walkthrough on how to purchase.

For support with the TestOut LabSim you can call 1-800-877-4889

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