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CNT 54 Windows Client - MS Networking


CNT 54 Windows Client - MS Networking
3.00 Units

In this class, students learn to install and configure the current Windows client workstation for a professional business network using virtualization and/or online using virtual labs. Students install applications and learn to configure laptop computers. Course content follows the Microsoft Official Academic course curriculum and is intended to prepare students to take the Microsoft client component of the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), or the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification exam. Topics include creation of user and group accounts, group policies, administrating access to shared resources, configuration of hardware devices, monitoring of system resources, troubleshooting, and ensuring data integrity and security.


Strongly recommended: Computer Networking Technology 51 & 52.
College: Las Positas College

Division: CATSS

Start and End Date
AUG 16, 2017
DEC 19, 2017

Important Dates

Day and Time
W 07:00 PM - 09:15 PM

L800 804

Book (Required Text)
LabSim for Windows Client Pro (70-680/70-687) Edition: N/A ISBN: 9781935080459

Important Purchase information:

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Implementing Windows

  • Configure and Support Core Services

  • Manage and Maintain Windows

Measurable Objectives

  • Prepare for Installation Requirements

  • Install Windows

  • Configure Devices and Drivers

  • Prepare for Post-Installation Configuration

  • Implement Windows in an Enterprise Environment

  • Configure Networking

  • Configure Storage

  • Configure Data Access and Usage

  • Implement Apps

  • Configure Remote Management

  • Configure Updates

  • Monitor Windows

  • Configure System and Data Recovery

  • Configure Authorization and Authentication

  • Configure Advanced Management Tools

Course Specific Information
Purchasing MOAC Labs | Activating Microsoft Labs (MOAC) | MOAC Labs Online

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction

  • Hardware Management

  • Application Management

  • System Access

  • Resource Sharing

  • Windows Installation

  • System Imaging

  • Mobile Computing

  • System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • System Protection

  • MS 70-698 practice

  • MS 70-697 practice

Syllabus subject to change on notification by instructor.  If you have any questions about this syllabus contact your instructor.

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