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CNT 56 Admin. Windows Server MCSA II


CNT 56 Admin. Windows Server MCSA II (Server 2016)
3.00 Units

This Administering Windows Server course covers the second of three exams required for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification. The three MCSA exams collectively validate the skills and knowledge necessary for implementing, maintaining, and provisioning services in a Windows Server environment. This course prepares students to prove mastery of services such as user and group management, network access, and data security. In addition, this course also covers: Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure, Managing User and Service Accounts, Maintaining Active Directory Domain Services, Configuring and Troubleshooting DNS, Remote Access, Network Policy Server Role, Optimizing File Services, Increasing File System Security, and Implementing Update Management.


Strongly recommended: Computer Networking Technology 52.
College: Las Positas College

Division: CATSS

CRN 23503 (Fall 2018)

Start and End Date
AUG 20, 2018
DEC 21, 2018

Day and Time


Book (Required Resources)

TestOut Server Pro 2016: Networking ISBN 978-1-935080-67-1


Ordering LabSims from TestOut

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Install and configure a DHCP, DNS, WINS and Web server.

  • Applying network security protocols, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), and remote access.

Measurable Objectives

  • Deploy and manage server images

  • Implement patch management

  • Monitor servers

  • Configure Distributed File System (DFS)

  • Configure File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)

  • Configure File Services and disk encryption

  • Configure advanced Audit Policies

  • Configure DNS zones and DNS records

  • Configure VPN and routing

  • Configure Direct Access

  • Configure a Network Policy Server

  • Configure Network Access Protection (NAP)

  • Configure Server Authentication

  • Configure Domain Controllers with Active Directory

  • Configure Account Policies and Group Policies

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1 Deploying and Managing Server Images

  • Lesson 2 Implementing Patch Management 3

  • Lesson 3 Monitoring Servers 6

  • Lesson 4 Configuring Distributed File System (DFS) 10

  • Lesson 5 Configuring File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) 13

  • Lesson 6 Configuring File Services and Disk Encryption 15

  • Lesson 7 Configuring Advanced Audit Policies 17

  • Lesson 8 Configuring DNS Zones 20

  • Lesson 9 Configuring DNS Records 23

  • Lesson 10 Configuring VPN and Routing 25

  • Lesson 11 Configuring Direct Access 28

  • Lesson 12 Configuring a Network Policy Server 31

  • Lesson 13 Configuring NPS Policies 33

  • Lesson 14 Configuring Network Access Protection (NAP) 35

  • Lesson 15 Configuring Server Authentication 38

  • Lesson 16 Configuring Domain Controllers 39

  • Lesson 17 Maintaining Active Directory 42

  • Lesson 18 Configuring Account Policies 44

  • Lesson 19 Configuring Group Policy Processing 46

  • Lesson 20 Configuring Group Policy Settings 48

  • Lesson 21 Managing Group Policy Objects 51

  • Lesson 22 Configuring Group Policy Preferences 523

Syllabus subject to change on notification by instructor.  If you have any questions about this syllabus contact your instructor.

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