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CNT 51 CompTIA'S A+ Cert. Comp. Tech


CNT 51 CompTIA'S A+ Cert. Comp. Tech
4.00 Units

This course provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the industry demand for entry-level PC Technicians. This course covers PC hardware, software, security, networking, laptops, printers, operational procedures, operating systems, security, troubleshooting, and mobile devices. The students will study the topics needed to become certified PC technicians. Preparation for the CompTIA A+ certification, which verifies knowledge equivalent to that of an entry-level ICT (Information and Communications Technology) technician with about 12 months of hands-on experience. The responsibilities of an ICT professional will be introduced.


Strongly recommended: Computer Networking Technology 50.
College: Las Positas College

Start and End Date
Aug 16, 2017
Dec 19, 2017


Important Dates

Day and Time
Thursdays 6:30 - 9:30 PM

L800 804

Book (Required Text)
TestOut PC Pro 220-901 and 220-902 ISBN 978-1-935080-42-8
Ordering TestOut LabSims

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of CNT 51, it is anticipated that students will be able to install, configure, secure and troubleshoot PC/Networking/Mobile devices.

  • Upon completion of CNT 51, it is anticipated that students will be able to install, configure, and troubleshoot operating systems and applications.

  • Upon completion of CNT 51, it is anticipated that students will be able to practice professionalism and professional communications.

Measurable Objectives

  • build a personal computer, according to customer requirements

  • install, configure, and maintain devices, and PCs for end users

  • install and configure networking adapters, including the connectivity software

  • install, update, and configure the Windows OS

  • troubleshoot and document common hardware problems

  • deploy desktop imaging, and install a virtual machine on a computer, using different hypervisors

  • identify and explain system boards components, types and features

  • install and troubleshoot power supplies

  • match specific CPUs to systems boards and install proper cooling devices

  • select the correct memory types for specific expansion slots

  • choose and install display devices according to customer specifications

  • install and configure peripherals, input devices and printers

  • determine the troubleshooting methods and tools for printers

  • compare and contrast the different Windows Operating Systems and their features

  • secure a computer using anti-malware software and user access rights

  • harden a wireless access point security and train end user in basic security features

  • practice the appropriate communication skills and professionalism needed to provide effective customer support

Course Specific Information
A+ Certification

Course Outline
Lesson 1 Computing Overview
Lesson 2 PC Technician
Lesson 3 System Components
Lesson 4 Peripheral Devices
Lesson 5 Storage
Lesson 6 Networking
Lesson 7 Printing
Lesson 8 Mobile Devices
Lesson 9 Windows Systems Management
Lesson 10 System Implementation
Lesson 11 File Management
Lesson 12 Security
Lesson 13 Troubleshooting

1 First Look at Computer Parts and Tools
2 Working Inside Desktop Computers and Laptops
3 All About Motherboards
4 Supporting Processors and Upgrading Memory
5 Supporting the Power System and Troubleshooting Computers
6 Supporting Hard Drives and Other Storage Devices
7 Survey of Windows Features and Support Tools
8 Installing Windows
9 Supporting I/O Devices
10 Maintaining Windows
11 Optimizing Windows
12 Supporting Customers and Troubleshooting Windows
13 Troubleshooting Windows Startup
14 Connecting to and Setting up a Network
15 Supporting Network Hardware
16 Supporting Mobile Operating Systems
17 Windows Resources on a Network
18 Security Strategies
19 Supporting Printers and Customizing a System
20 Virtualization, Linux, and Mac OS X

Syllabus subject to change on notification by instructor.  If you have any questions about this syllabus contact your instructor.


You homework for this course is completing quizzes for each module in the TestOut course material.  When you see the class listed on your home screen once you long on to TestOut, will have a link under available exams.  See the graphic below.

  • Each module has a corresponding quiz.

  • You will need to complete each of the quizzes.

  • All quizzes are due on the last day of class.  

  • The questions all come from questions that are in the modules.

  • You can take the quizzes as many times as you want.  I will only grade the highest scores.

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