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FruitFly Malware

FruitFly Hacker

A Justice Department indictment alleges a 28-year-old hacker from Ohio, created the FruitFly malware and spied on Apple computers for 13 Years.

Phillip R. Durachinsky is a good example of why we have all the security protections in place and why it is important for everyone to take part in securing their systems.

According to the Department of Justice indictment, Durachinsky spied on thousands of people, plucking millions of photos and other sensitive data from their computers, while keeping "detailed notes of what he observed," … the "Defendant used his access to Fruitfly victims' computers to collect and save personal data from Fruitfly victims including tax records, medical records, photographs, internet searches performed, banking records and potentially embarrassing communications and data,"…the "Defendant used the Fruitfly malware to watch and listen to Fruitfly victims without their knowledge or permission."

The most disturbing part is that he was on systems for 13 years without being caught. The lesson here is that we cannot rest when it comes to cybersecurity. Constant vigilance is the only solution. Another lesson is for those who claim that no one writes viruses for Apple Mac. It wasn't 5 years ago when I would get the comment "we don't need anti-virus because we have a Mac" was popular. All systems are potential targets and we need to take the appropriate mesures to protect all systems.


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