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AI in Cyber-security

Here are some views on how AI can help cyber-security efforts. My opinion is we need to adopt AI for cyber-security before hackers learn to leverage Artificial Intelligence against us.

Quick Look: AI in Cybersecurity: A Balancing Force or a Disruptor?

Vijay Dheap, Program Director of AI & Cognitive Initiatives in Cyber Security, IBM

AI has the potential to be the great equalizer for security analysts struggling to keep up with the onslaught of threats and risks posed by malicious actors to their organizations. However, AI will most definitely be employed to launch the next generation of sophisticated attacks on individuals and organizations. A closer look at how AI will transform cybersecurity and give rise to new risks.

AI and Security

In the future, every company will be using AI, which means that every company will need a secure infrastructure that addresses AI security concerns. At the same time, the domain of computer security has been revolutionized by AI techniques, including machine learning, planning, and automatic reasoning. What are the opportunities for researchers in both fields—security infrastructure and AI—to learn from each other and continue this fruitful collaboration? This session will cover two main topics. In the first half, we will discuss how AI techniques have changed security, using a case study of the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge, where teams built systems that can reason about security in real time. In the second half, we will talk about security issues inherent in AI. How can we ensure the integrity of decisions from the AI that drives a business? How can we defend against adversarial control of training data? Together, we will identify common problems for future research.

A.I.: The next step for cybersecurity

Can A.I. help stop hacks before they do real damage? CEO and cybersecurity expert Todd Shipley joins host Lindsay France to answer the question. Puerto Rico is still suffering from power outages, correspondent Bianca Facchinei is on to discuss the ongoing problem. Britain is lobbying the U.S. and Canada over the Bombardier dispute, correspondent Alex Mihailovich takes a look at an awkward situation.

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