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Star Wars E:8

Geeky, Nerdy stuff!

Arguably, the Star Wars franchise has given a place for science fiction in the mainstream culture. Many cultural references come directly from Star Wars and it is worth taking time as a geek or nerd to follow the franchise. The latest installment of the main-line files, Episode 8 the Last Jedi is slated for December release. There is much anticipation on the plot mysteries surrounding this film, just as in the first trilogy. In order to get or keep your geek card you need to be well versed in Star Wars along with other SciFi references. Your knowledge will be tested!

I have to admit that the trailers have a number of revelations that seem to point in different directions than most people think.

Here are the official trailers for the movie.

Official Trailer

Teaser Trailer

Speculation abounds!

I like to watch the fan speculations. Many of them are fun, some sound like a good idea. However, in the case of Star Wars Rouge One they were all way off.

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