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IT Prioritization Policy

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IT staff often have several projects or issues open at a time. IT staff needs a way to prioritize their time with competing priorities. At Maze & Associates we use the following guideline as part of our process.

IT Decision Making and Help-desk Triage Guide

  • Level 1 - High Priority

  • Critical to business survival

  • Maintain confidentiality, integrity, & availability of client data

  • Necessary services & resources (globally)

  • Necessary dependencies

  • Global Scope (Enterprise wide)

  • Level 2 - Medium Priority

  • Critical to business profitability

  • Availability of business critical resources (people, processes, applications, systems and data)

  • Up-time for billable staff

  • Items that are critical to quality

  • Limited Scope

  • Level 3 - Low Priority

  • Lower the cost of doing business

  • Efficiency improvements

  • Improve productivity

  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)

  • Isolated Scope

  • All balanced by timeliness of the need

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