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PC Tech Tool Bag

Here is what I normally keep in my tool bag. I should note, I've been IT for about 4 years now. It was only in the last year or so that I really started building my tool kit. At the moment, my job requires me to be ready for anything from tearing open a computer to installing network equipment. Most of the work I do is in the Bay Area so I normally drive or take BART where available. I got tired of not having the right tool on me so that's where the bag comes in. You don't need all of these tools to get started. In fact, please do not go out and buy all of these if you are just starting out. It took me time to figure out what exactly I need in my bag, and it's still a work in progress. Depending on what you specialize in, you could probably get by with a screwdriver and a decent laptop.

Tool Bag

1. Voltage tester 2. Safety glasses 3. Flashlight 4. SATA cable 5. Philips screwdriver 6. Box cutter 7. Multi-bit screwdriver 8. Pliers 9. Wire cutters 10. Wire strippers 11. HDMI cable 12. VGA cable 13. Crimper 14. Tape measure 15. Punch-down tool 16. Wire tester 17. Multimeter 18. Small screwdriver bits (like T5 torx or 000 Philips) 19. Needle-nose pliers 20. USB drives 21. Antistatic wrist strap 22. Antistatic mat 23. Electrical tape 24. Velcro 25. Ethernet cable 26. Various other cables 27. Optical installation media 28. Paper clip 29. Laptop 30. Chargers 31. BT headset Also, I've had a couple of people ask about my bag now, so I would like to do a video on it once the semester is over. Nathan Bahr

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