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Can you "See" Binary

Cisco Binary Game

The binary numbering system is the way most computers talk. Understanding binary is necessary for planning and understanding network segmentation with subnets for IPv4. Cisco has a game you can play to help you learn binary. This game helps some students “see” binary—not sure why, but it seems to work for some.

“A fun way to learn the binary number system. Before long, you will be converting eight-digit binary numbers to decimals in your head! The Cisco Binary game has been played more than a million times all over the world.”


"As a former high school student, I got to know the Cisco binary number game-- it's a lot of fun! Cisco has removed that game. It's no longer freely accessible and is now behind a login wall. I wanted to let you know about a free game that we, here at Penjee, made for learning binary numbers which you can find here: . We think it's a fun game; it's completely free and has no advertisements. This game also works on tablets btw unlike the Cisco game, if you have the time, please check it out and let us know your thoughts." - Max Johnson

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