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PowerShell: Now Available on Linux

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella says, “Microsoft loves Linux.”

PowerShell, Microsoft’s command line interface, is now available on Linux. And BASH, the open source command line typically on Linux and UNIX based OS’s, is now available on Windows 10. It seems like we now live in a crazy world. As for the system admins out there, this means familiar tools will now work on different OS and less of a learning curve for them. BTW PowerShell uses Microsoft’s .NET framework and that is now also available for Linux. Microsoft SQL will also run on Linux natively. So the OS seems to matter less and less these days. PowerShell is not just on Linux it will run on Mac OS too.

So what does this mean for the system administrators? Well if you are running a Linux or Mac you can use PowerShell to remotely admin Windows machines. Also if you are running Windows 10, you can use BASH to remotely admin Linux and Mac OS machines. There is a growing trend where the endpoint or client OS will matter less and less and porting admin tools to all operating systems is just one more step in that direction.

For further details and a complete write up check out Jeffrey Snover’s post on Microsoft Azure blog.

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