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What's the Best Antivirus?

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I am often asked, “What is the best Antivirus or Anti-malware product?” My answer is often, do some research because the best Antivirus last year might not be the best this year. Plus, the Antivirus that catches the most potential viruses may also be the one that slows your machine down the most. This means there will be normal trade-offs of security versus performance.

Many reviews on antivirus are done annually, and you can see the track record for the antivirus vendor. You should notice that the top vendor changes from year to year. The best thing to do is look for a vendor that is consistently in the top performing vendors.

What about the bad guys? Many of them work hard to find ways around the antivirus. Typically, they will spend time and money on researching ways around the vendors that have the top market share for AV products. If the vendor you use has a large market share and is no on the top performer in comparisons, you might want to change vendors.

Below are some resources for comparing antivirus and anti-malware products. Some are independent research organizations others are paid by the vendors for the reviews. A good approach is to see which product are on top of all them.

Do you have a favorite site for antivirus information? Suggest it in the comments below!

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