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Evaluation & Grades

Final grades are determined through a weighted average of midterm and final examinations, quizzes, laboratory assignments, homework assignments, and class attendance and participation.

Student evaluations will be based on a percentage of points awarded in the following activities;

  • Homework Assignments (variable points posted with assignment)

  • Lab work (variable points posted with assignment)

  • Online or Classroom Participation (variable points posted with assignment)

  • Research Assignments (variable points posted with assignment)

  • Quizzes (variable points posted with quiz)

  • Midterm (variable points posted with Midterm)

  • Final (variable points posted with Final)

  • Extra Credit (variable points posted with assignment)

  • Instructions given by the instructor throughout the course

There will be an undetermined number of points in this course. It is at the sole discretion of the instructor how many points will be in this course and depend upon the total of all the activities listed above.

A 90% - 100%

B 80% - 89%

C 70% - 79%

D 60% - 69%

F 0% - 59%

Late Assignments

Late assignments will only be accepted if the instructor has agreed before the due date or if the student has a compelling reason for missing the due date. The instructor will look at each request on a case by case basis and the final determination is at the sole discretion of the instructor. I do understand that life happens and that at times circumstances are outside of your control, just make sure you communicate with me any difficulties you are having meeting the due date.

Other Grading Policies

Failure to follow instructions given by the instructor given during the period of the course and related to the course may result in a reduction of grade, reduction of points awarded or removal from the class.

Extra Credit

From time to time extra credit opportunities will be post under assignments with the number of point to be awarded. Points awarded will be added to your total point earned during the class.

Take the CompTIA Certification or Microsoft Exam (1500 Extra Credit Points)

Students who take and pass the associated CompTIA or Microsoft exams during the class will be awarded 1500 extra credit points. Yes, that is enough points to significantly improve your grade. You must take the exam and present proof to the instructor before the last day of class.

Qualifying Exams

Each course may have an associated exam. See the instructor for your courses qualifying exam. You must bring a printout of the exam passing sheet or a copy of your official transcripts to get credit. If you plan to take the exam contact me for details.

Grade posting

Final grades will be posted on the school website; usually within two weeks of the end of semester.

For online classes. I will check and update grades on weekly basis. Do not expect an instant posting of grades. Typically, I will pick a day of the week and do my grading on that day. If you assignments are not in by then it may be a week before I update the grades again.

Quizzes, Exams, Mid-terms, and Finals

Quizzes, mid-terms and the final exam will be open book and open Internet. It is my philosophy that it is more important that students know where to find answers than to know the particulars in technology. There is too much information on any one topic for someone to know everything about and given the constant changing environment of technology it would be impossible. Only in academia would we blindfold you for a task that you would otherwise have access to other resources. On the job you will have access to manuals and the Internet; I think it is only fair that you have access to that here as well. This does not mean you don’t need to know the material. An open book will not help you find the answers if you do not understand the subject matter.


The online Blackboard practice quizzes or LabSim quizzes can be taken multiple times. They count towards your final grade. Your best score will be kept for final computation.

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